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Losers: Part 1

Book 1

By: Harley LaRoux

Released: June 06, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 16 hr, 1 min

I was supposed to have it all.
I’d been prom queen and cheer captain—high school’s most savage Queen Bee. I could have everything I wanted.
Except them. The freaks, the weirdos, the school’s ultimate losers: Manson, Jason, Lucas, and Vincent. Our hatred for each other couldn’t keep us apart, not even when my own mistake got Manson expelled and made me the ultimate villain to the rest of them.
One night was supposed to be enough.
I couldn’t resist forever. For one night, I gave myself over to the men I wasn’t supposed to want and satisfied the darkest parts of my soul. But some things are meant to stay in the dark. One night and it was over.
Nothing more than a game.
Now, with college behind me, our worlds collide yet again. Four men, all willing to share me as their plaything until my debt to them is paid. Another game to satiate my dark cravings, the twisted rules of which bring us all even closer than before. But games aren’t meant to last.
When the debt is paid and the game is done, what if I don’t want to walk away?
Losers: Part 1 is book one in the Losers duet. Although not required, it is recommended to listen to the novella The Dare before listening to Losers: Part 1.
Contains mature content.



Harley LaRoux

Harley Laroux is a writer of Dark and Paranormal Romance. She enjoys writing wickedly steamy scenes, creepy atmospheres, and dangerous characters you can't help but fall for. She's assisted by her three cats, who don't know how to spell but offer great emotional support. She's a horror movie fiend, candle aficionado, and house plant enthusiast.