Lost in Love's Abyss | Podium Audio

Lost in Love’s Abyss

By: K.C. Mills

Performed by: Chance Smolders

Released: July 13, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 4 min

Flawed. Damaged. Cursed.
Embria Taylor is an expert on fixing the lives of others but can’t seem to make sense of her own. When a handsome stranger forces his way into her world, she quickly learns that being open to new possibilities just might be the missing ingredient to securing her happily-ever-after.
Rahshon Allen is a man that speaks his mind and makes no apologies for who he is or how he feels. Those characteristics are what land him right in the middle of the chaos that seems to be just what he needs to escape his dark past.
Rah and Embria both crave something different, but can she love him despite all his flaws? Will he be able to prove that love doesn’t have to be perfect..as long as it’s real?



K.C. Mills

K.C. Mills is a bestselling author with over 140 published titles in Romance, Women’s Fiction and Urban/Street Lit. With a focus on emotionally flawed characters, K.C. pens stories that are genuine and relatable, offering an escape to readers who are in search of a happily ever after. With more to come, you can be sure to enjoy a romantic twist while she takes you on a journey Crafting Romance with an Edge!



Chance Smolders