Lost Omega | Podium Audio

Sweet Omegaverse

Lost Omega

Book 2

By: Romy Lockhart

Performed by: Addison Barnes, Conner Goff

Released: January 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 56 min

Ember Nestor lost everything that mattered to her in one night.
Her true mate was taken from her, and her mother decided to send her to Goldcrest Omega Academy where she must stay until she’s claimed by an Alpha.
She isn’t interested in finding a new mate while she’s in mourning. She doesn’t think she’ll ever get over her loss, but a dangerous Alpha wants to claim her, and his persistence pushes her to go on the run.
Escaping from the academy, she finds herself drawn to the two Alphas and their Beta who immediately recognize her as their true mate. Love was the last thing she expected to find in the middle of the woods, but it comes at a cost. Can she let go of her past to open her heart to her rescuers, or will she forever be lost to her grief?
Lost Omega is a standalone sweet omegaverse romance with college-aged characters, serious steam, and an HEA.



Romy Lockhart



Addison Barnes



Conner Goff