Love and Low Expectations | Podium Audio

Love and Low Expectations

By: Lindsey Cord

Released: January 16, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 34 min

Luciana “Lucy” Flores is a seventh-grade history teacher with an affinity for Abraham Lincoln, pickle juice, and The Milky Way milkshakes.
She’s happy, content, and likes her life the way it is. This summer, she’s going to be the maid of honor for her best friend, and as much as she hopes to one day experience love, it’s not something she thinks she’s missing in her life just yet.
That is until she meets the best man.
Nash Phillips is a sales rep in New York. He has a tiny dog named Roxanne and an apartment even smaller, but he loves the city, and nothing will ever change that. He’s only back in the Midwest to fulfill his best man duties, and then he’ll catch the first plane back to NYC. But when he and a beautiful woman collide on his first night in town, he can’t look away.
The only problem? He’s only in town for one week.
Making a pact of low expectations, Lucy and Nash find that a casual fling isn’t as easy as it seems… not when the feelings they are trying to shove down keep circling back around. The feelings that make it impossible not to wonder…
Is one week and a gut feeling enough to uproot your entire life?
Or can Nash and Lucy really keep things casual with no strings attached?



Lindsey Cord

Lindsey is a writer, a registered nurse, and an overenthusiastic soccer mom. She has been conjuring up stories since she was old enough to write, but finished her first novel in 2022. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and three children.