Love How You Love Me | Podium Audio

Boys of Riverside

Love How You Love Me

Book 2

By: Gracie Graham

Performed by: Lila Winters, Steven Molony

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 2 min

All I wanted for so long was to remember the car crash that killed my mother.
Like it might somehow chase away the guilt and grief that followed her death. But now I remember, and everything has changed.
I should be relieved. Instead, I’m angry at the world. My mother. Father. And especially the boy who stole my heart and crushed it beneath his palm.
Everyone warned me to stay away from Atlas Scott—the bad boy football star with a reputation for trouble. Maybe I should’ve listened. But our bond was seemingly unbreakable, forged in the fire of tragedy. Until it wasn’t, and everything fell apart.
Now, the memories that haunt me are so much harder to manage on the heels of heartbreak. Graham, my best friend, is once again picking up the pieces while I search for vindication in all the wrong places.
There’s only one catalyst for healing and redemption—Love.
Fans of emotional YA romance will fall in love with this sequel to _Love the Way You Lie, _book two in the Boys of Riverside series.



Gracie Graham



Lila Winters



Steven Molony