Love the Way You Lie | Podium Audio

Boys of Riverside

Love the Way You Lie

Book 1

By: Gracie Graham

Performed by: Lila Winters, Steven Molony

Released: September 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 43 min

Torn between my best friend and the boy who makes my heart beat again, learning the truth might break me…
My entire life changed in an instant. One violent moment took my mother and destroyed me. I can’t even remember it. All I know is…it was my fault.
Now I’m entering senior year after hiding away from the world for as long as I could. The only distraction I have from the heavy weight of my scars is my best friend, Graham. He’s been my rock through it all.
When his cousin Atlas appears, my world suddenly tilts on its already unsteady axis. Everyone warns me to stay away from the star football player with a bad boy reputation and a chip on his shoulder.
I should… Yet from the moment I climb on the back of his motorcycle, sparks fly.
Despite all the reasons to keep him at a distance, my need for the truth about the accident drives us closer. Until the truth destroys everything…
_Love the Way You Lie _is an angsty and emotional YA small town, opposites attract, love triangle romance about two best friends and the broken boy who comes between them on the search for the truth that could change everyone’s world.



Gracie Graham



Lila Winters



Steven Molony