Luca | Podium Audio

By: Grey Huffington

Released: February 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 39 min

She’s an angel. And she doesn’t mind dancing with a demon.
That’s why I’d move mountains, dry seas, and hydrate the desert if it made her happy. She brought goodness to the world. It was only right that I made it hers, along with the two tiny beauties that shared her hazel eyes and perfect smile. 
For them, I’d do whatever. For them, I’d become whoever.
He’s a protector and a far cry from the menace they’ve labeled him. He’s just misunderstood.
That’s why I’d climb the highest mountain, cross the widest seas, and conquer the desert if it brought us closer together. He brought so much wholesomeness to the world. It was only right that I made him a part of mine, along with my two minis that shared my story and sentiments. Because of him, we’d found happiness. Because of him, we’d found home.



Grey Huffington