Lyrical | Podium Audio

Academy of Stardom


Book 2

By: Bea Paige

Performed by: Joel Froomkin, Kylie Stewart

Released: October 12, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 14 min

From the gutter to the stars…dance is in my blood.

Once upon a time, it ran through their veins, too: Xeno, York, Zayn, and Dax. The Breakers and I were a crew until bad decisions and circumstance ripped us apart.
Now the Breakers are back. And they’ve brought trouble.

They’re not here at the Stardom Academy to dance. They’re here on a mission for Jeb, the leader of the Skins. He wants something. And me? I’m just a pawn in their game.

To make matters worse, my psychotic brother wants something too. I must befriend the Breakers and find out what they’re up to. If I refuse, my brother will hurt the one person I love more than life itself. I cannot allow that to happen.

Dance was always the cure to our pain; the foundations of our friendship and love. It brought us together once before. Can I go through the cycle of friendship, love, and heartache all over again? Will I survive the Breakers a second time? Will they survive me?
Lyrical is book two of Academy of Stardom, a gritty, contemporary reverse-harem romance. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes, and the friends-to-enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains mature themes and ends on a cliffhanger.



Bea Paige

Bea loves to write about love and all the different facets of such a powerful emotion. When she's not writing about love and passion, you'll find her reading about it and ugly crying.



Kylie Stewart

Kylie Stewart is a Mom, Author, Audio Narrator, Voice Actor, and Historian. She also loves God, gaming, anime, and her cats.