Maelstrom | Podium Audio

The Frozen Flame


Book 5

By: Paul J. Bennett

Performed by: Tim Bruce

Released: April 05, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 53 min

Natalia returns to where it all began.
Forced to pursue those who threaten their daughter’s very existence, Athgar and Natalia must say goodbye to all they know. Barely surviving the journey, they finally arrive in Karslev, where nothing goes according to plan.
For centuries, the family increased their influence over the Petty Kingdoms until their control became absolute. Now, as Marakhova moves to destroy any who resist, the return of a disgraced student jeopardizes everything they’ve fought to accomplish.
While a hidden key to Natalia’s past drives her to do the unthinkable, Athgar struggles just to survive. Their future relies on Natalia deciphering her grandmother’s legacy.
They’ll risk everything to break Markhova’s hold over the family, but will it be enough?



Paul J. Bennett

Paul's interest in writing started with his first experience playing D & D (Dungeons & Dragons). He loved the ability to create new worlds and adventures that pulled his gaming groups into his stories. Fast forward to today, where he uses that same imagination to create Eiddenwerthe, the fantasy world that all his series are set in. With many more books planned, Paul looks forward to sharing all his stories with his readers.



Tim Bruce