Marked by the Moon | Podium Audio

Bound by the Veil

Marked by the Moon

Book 1

By: Helen Scott

Released: December 12, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 46 min

All my life, death was right around the corner. I just never expected it to be delivered by the man I was falling in love with…
Magic has been outlawed for almost a century, and anyone caught wielding it or bearing its mark is executed. Which is why I know every day could be my last.
I’m marked for death. My skin bears the branding of the moon. I just thank the stars that it’s not somewhere visible.
For one night, I willingly put myself in danger, picking a stranger to lose myself in before I begin my life of servitude to the crown as a member of the King’s Guard. But the man I thought was a stranger turns out to be the Blade of the King, Thorn, my new boss.
It doesn’t matter that he’s temptation incarnate or that the slightest flick of his fingers against my skin brings back echoes of the night we spent in each other’s arms. We can never be together again because I can’t risk losing this job, and I definitely can’t risk him finding out my secret.
Not everything in the Eaorin Kingdom is as it seems, though, and my boss has secrets too. Ones that are just as deadly as my own…
The first book in a new fantasy romance series, _Marked by the Moon is filled with steamy enemies-to-lovers romance, mystery, a heroine who will fight for everything she has, and a hero who might just be a villain. _For fans of Elisa Kova, Sylvia Mercedes, and LJ Andrews, this thrilling forbidden love romance will keep you entranced until the very last word!



Helen Scott

USA Today bestselling author Helen Scott spends her time alternating between fantasy and reality. She likes to think she’d be sorted into Hufflepuff and would have been a Physical Kid from Brakebills. Her days are fueled by tea and cuddles from her four-legged kids and amazing husband in their home in the Chicago suburbs.