Memetic Drift | Podium Audio

Sol Arbiter

Memetic Drift

Book 4

Performed by: Greg Tremblay

Released: May 25, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 15 min

In 2854, Section 9 uncovers the location of an illegal technology that could unmask a member of The Eleven, their mysterious enemy.
Tycho Barrett is grievously wounded during a mission to seize this technology from aboard a ship docked in a remote settlement on Europa, his life saved with cutting-edge cybernetic augmentation.
Tycho and Section 9 must now race against both time and a revenant from the past to recapture the ship and its cargo before the trail vanishes and The Eleven once again return to the shadows.



Greg Tremblay

From memoir to the boudoir, Chloe Ryan’s warm and witty narration brings women’s narratives to life. Whether it’s the girl next door or the young suffragette, the supermom or supervillain, Chloe’s smart and saucy storytelling shines through. With her signature nuance and emotional depth, Chloe delights in exploring stories about the many types of love that connect us. Originally from the Midwest, Chloe has a degree in Theatre Arts (with a minor in Women’s Studies), is a classically trained singer, and speaks conversational Spanish. She’s a mom, she’s a teaching artist and educator, and she definitely curses too much in front of her kids.