Midnight Oath | Podium Audio

Tasarov Bratva

Midnight Oath

Book 1

By: Naomi West

Performed by: Darcy Stark, Isabelle Turner

Released: September 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 17 min

My fiancé is screaming at me in public.
I’m used to it. My role here is to look pretty on his arm and to play nice so he doesn’t hurt my sick daughter.
What I’m not used to is the man who comes to my rescue. Adrik Tasarov is a tall glass of gorgeous. He’s got a jawline that could cut glass and eyes that could melt steel. Best of all: my fiancé is absolutely terrified of him.
So when Adrik asks me to dance, I say yes. When he asks me to do a little more than that, I say it again. Then comes the make-or-break moment. Adrik offers me a fake marriage to get me out of my real one. I say the two little words that seal my fate: “I do.”
Little did I know I was signing a deal with the devil. Now, I’m a prisoner in a beautiful mansion. I can have anything I want—except for my freedom.
I have an ace up my sleeve. Something my fake husband doesn’t know about. Something that will change everything. His baby in my belly.
Midnight Oath is the first book in the Tasarov Bratva duet from bestselling mafia romantic suspense author Naomi West. Adrik and Emery’s story carries on into book two, Midnight Lies.



Naomi West

I write dark, contemporary bad boy romance. My heroes have filthy mouths, hot bodies, and the perfect blend of light and dark.



Darcy Stark



Isabelle Turner