Midnight Sanctuary | Podium Audio

Bugrov Bratva

Midnight Sanctuary

Book 2

By: Nicole Fox

Performed by: Laura Horowitz, Walker Williams

Released: July 02, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

One unexpected mistake. Two unexpected babies. Three lives changed forever.
Uri Bugrov caught me trespassing, and suddenly, my life is out of control. I’m pregnant with his baby—correction, his babies. I’m also a prisoner of his enemies.
Uri comes to save me because, of course, he does. But my rescue comes with collateral damage. Because now, Polly is missing.
Even though I’m back under Uri’s protection, there are more uncertainties between us than ever. What happens if we don’t save her? What happens when these babies come? What happens if this is all my fault… and Uri never forgives me?
It’s midnight in our story. But these babies are coming, one way or another. I just have to pray that we all make it to dawn.
Midnight Sanctuary _is book two in the Bugrov Bratva duet. Uri and Alyssa’s story begins in book one, _Midnight Purgatory.



Nicole Fox



Laura Horowitz

I was born in Southern California, but have lived all over the world. I earned my Bachelor's Degrees in English and Journalism at the University of Wales, Swansea, and have my Master's Degree in Rhetoric and Composition. I am a mom, gamer, soccer player, avid reader, mediocre cook and excellent trip planner. I started narrating because of my passion for reading and love of the arts. I keep narrating because I love this community and now more than ever appreciate the art of performative storytelling.



Walker Williams