Mobius | Podium Audio



Book 6

By: Garon Whited

Performed by: Sean Runnette

Released: February 18, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 39 hr, 23 min

Faced with war and the end of the world, Eric – or Halar the First, King of Karvalen – must find a way to stop a godlike entity bent on his destruction.
His quest will be no easy thing, not a straight line to his goal, but even he can’t anticipate just how far it will lead him on this epic journey. He will have to go farther than he can imagine from everything he has ever cared about before he can even begin a new journey – a journey home.
Can he save the world and the people he loves? And, in so doing, will he be able to save himself?



Garon Whited

Garon Whited has written novels and various short stories and shows no signs of stopping. Having fought zombie dolphins, quasi-corporeal spirits, and brain-sucking mole rats, he is uniquely qualified to write fantastic fiction. His book series, “Nightlord,” is already six books long and nearly 200 hours in length! As for Garon, he's slightly off-center, maybe a bit unbalanced, but boy, is he ever fun!



Sean Runnette