Monroe Doctrine: Volume III | Podium Audio

Monroe Doctrine

Monroe Doctrine: Volume III

Book 1

By: James Rosone, Miranda Watson

Performed by: Marc Vietor

Released: January 25, 2022

Language: English

Format: Contains Author Note, Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 43 min

As the dragon awoke…the world came together. Would it be enough to stop China?

WWIII wasn’t what any of the analysts expected. Across the globe, battles raged. Taiwan fell. Fighting continued in the Caribbean and South America. The Russian Far East had invaders, and nobody seemed able to stop this new Red Army. With the world in chaos it was hard to unravel the pieces.

Would one U.S. pilot give them hope?

On the first day of the war, his F-22 Raptor was shot down over Cuba. Lieutenant Colonel Ian “Racer” Ryan survived, escaped, and now had the Air Force’s 6th generation fighter under him. Would it be enough to outsmart the Chinese AI defenses?

Was this the turning point…or the end?



James Rosone

James Rosone is the Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of the Red Storm Series and Falling Empire military thriller series. He's an Iraq War veteran who served 3.5 years in a combat zone as a military interrogator and contractor. During his ten years in the military and eight years as a Department of Defense and Department of State contractor, he fought and hunted Islamic extremists throughout the Middle East, Eurasia, and Europe. James holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Oxford as well as an MBA. He's written technical articles for European journals and advised numerous European leaders in the fields of identity intelligence and biometrics.



Miranda Watson



Marc Vietor