Monsters Among Men | Podium Audio

The Pantheon Saga

Monsters Among Men

Book 2

By: C.C. Ekeke

Released: November 26, 2019

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 13 hr, 38 min

With great power…comes great corruptibility.
Titan is dead. And the world needs heroes more than ever.
Hugo’s dream of becoming a superhero blows up in his face. And the impossible rage that remains pulls him deeper into darkness.
After several successful battles, Greyson’s ragtag team rides a wave of stardom. But what people love more than celebrating their heroes is tearing them down.
And Quinn’s investigation into Titan’s murder gets derailed, leaving her reputation in shambles. But this journalist’s relentless pursuit of the truth could cost more than her job. These strangers are on a collision course with destiny. And each other. 
Warning: Contains cursing, mild teen angst, and badass superhero action. If you’re easily triggered by cursing, mild teen angst, or badass superhero action, this novel might not be for you.



C.C. Ekeke

C.C. Ekeke is the author of the Star Brigade and Pantheon Saga novels. C.C. spent much of his childhood on a steady diet of sci-fi movies, TV shows and comic books. He discovered his desire to write books in college studying for an unused degree in advertising. His love of domestic and international travel provides further inspiration for the aliens and worlds seen in his writing.