Monsters Within | Podium Audio

The Creatures We Crave

Monsters Within

Book 1

By: R.L. Caulder

Performed by: C.J. Grey

Released: February 20, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Have you ever lost yourself in a fantasy world you created?
That’s how I’ve survived the years alone in a reality where humans cower in fear of supernatural creatures hiding behind the veil. All I’ve ever had is my pen, my notebook, and the world I created to make it through the days as a ward of the state, suffering at the hands of the real villains of the world—humans.
The pages of my notebook hold three sinful, feared monsters. Ones that I certainly shouldn’t be pining over since they aren’t even real. I question my grip on reality when real life and fantasy collide as my words suddenly come to life. Out of the pages climb each of the beautifully twisted monsters I created with my ink.
Dark Imaginarium Academy claims to want to help me learn about my new powers. The Headmistress says they can protect me, but I’m not so sure about that. The one thing I am sure about? I’ll destroy the world if they try to take my monsters from me.
Because my creations aren’t just monsters—they’re my soulmates.
Monsters Within is book one in The Creatures We Crave series, set within the shared universe of Dark Imaginarium Academy. All series can be enjoyed independently, but characters have crossovers, and it is highly encouraged to listen to all within the universe to understand the world in its entirety._ _Intended for mature listeners.



R.L. Caulder

R.L. Caulder is an International, USA Today, and Amazon Top 50 bestselling paranormal and fantasy romance author. She lives in her writing cave away from the intense heat of the Florida sun with her husband and furry writing assistants, MeowMeow and Winrey. Life is never boring for R.L., who has hundreds of imaginary friends constantly vying for her attention and begging for their stories to be told at all times.



C.J. Grey

I have been narrating fiction audiobooks for 3 years and the genres range from Horror to Sci-Fi to Paranormal Romance. Recent projects include The Crimson Deathbringer series by Sean Robbins, Wicked Awake by Merrill David, The Vampires’ Fae by Sadie Moss, Warrior Mates of Zivon series by Presley Hall and Voxeran Fated Mates series by Presley Hall.