Monstrous Lies | Podium Audio

Forgotten City

Monstrous Lies

Book 1

By: K.A. Knight

Performed by: Tor Thom

Released: April 11, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 23 min

Thirty years ago the world as we know it was lost.
Now humans live like rats, desperate for food and safety. The wall towers before us as a mocking reminder of what happened. The wall that keeps the monsters locked away from us. The wall that keeps us safe. The wall that every day I sneak through.
I thought I was safe in the light beyond its scarred concrete. I thought I knew the way of the world. Then, night falls and I’m trapped beyond the wall. Monsters come out to play in an explosion of shadows, claws, and tails. Their black eyes track me like prey until he comes—their leader…and he claims I’m his.
I play along. I bide my time, but as past and present collide I find my carefully laid survival plan unraveling. The secrets the monsters keep make me realize that the wall might not be to contain the monsters inside, but to keep the truth from getting out.
But in that forgotten city I find my purpose, my future. All the monstrous lies we were told come unraveled, and when they do sides must be chosen. Loyalties will be tested and the darkness might claim us all.
Monstrous Lies is the first book in the Forgotten City series, which is best enjoyed in order.



K.A. Knight

K.A Knight is an indie author trying to get all of the stories and characters out of her head. She loves reading and devours every book she can get her hands on, she also has a worrying caffeine addiction. She leads her double life in a sleepy English town, where she spends her days writing like a crazy person.



Tor Thom

Tor Thom is an award-winning narrator of more than 250 audiobooks. Most recently, he received the Sultry Listener Award for the narration of _Fable of Happiness_ by Pepper Winters. He has also received a SOVAS award and was a finalist for an Audie. He narrates for authors such as Corinne Michaels, Melanie Harlow, Lauren Landish, Meghan Quinn, Siobhan Davis, Sawyer Bennett, Cherise Sinclair, Nicole Snow, and others.