Moongarden | Podium Audio

Plotting the Stars


Book 1

By: Michelle A. Barry

Performed by: Emily Shaffer

Released: November 21, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 2 min

Centuries ago, Earth’s plants turned deadly, and humanity took to space to cultivate new homes.
Myra Hodger is in her first year at an elite school on the Moon, and she’s crumbling under the pressure. She doesn’t fit in, and worse, the tattoos that signal her Number Whisperer magic aren’t developing. In her heart, she knows she doesn’t have a Creer, and soon everyone else will, too.
Wandering the halls while cutting class, she discovers a secret lab hidden behind one of the unused classrooms and, beyond that, a secret garden overflowing with plants. Dangerous toxic plants.
As she learns more about the garden, Myra begins to wonder if she does have a Creer after all—one that died out when the Earth did. One that could help solve the food shortages the government doesn’t want anyone to know about.
The Secret Garden meets _The City of Ember. Moongarden _weaves together STEAM themes and intense social pressures in a stunning series starter and introduces a dynamic heroine who might just grow a revolution. Perfect for young change-makers.
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Michelle A. Barry

Michelle A. Barry holds a degree in communications from Salve Regina University and has worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer and editor, and marketing professional. She lives in Connecticut with her charming husband and their two delightful children. She is the author of the Plotting the Stars series.



Emily Shaffer