Mountain of Dragons and Sacrifice | Podium Audio

Mountain of Dragons and Sacrifice

By: Tara Grayce

Performed by: Avery Caris

Released: May 14, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

It’s a tale as old as myth and legends: the village maiden sacrificed to a monster.
Every year, Nessa’s village sacrifices a maiden to the dragon in the mountain. If they don’t, the dragon will sweep down from his lair and destroy them all.
When Nessa is chosen to be that year’s sacrifice, she’s prepared to be eaten—as much as anyone can prepare for such a thing. Instead, she finds herself swept away to a world of dragons, gnomes, and fae creatures beyond her imagination, leaving her with more questions than answers.
If the maiden’s purpose isn’t to be eaten, then what is the dragon’s reason for the sacrifices? Why is the dragon nothing like what she had been told he would be? And, most frightening of all, what would happen if she lit the candle and looked upon the dragon’s face?
Loosely inspired by the myth of Psyche and Eros, this humorous romantasy features dragon shifters, quirky fae, and swoony no-spice romance, perfect for fans of Sylvia Mercedes, Kenley Davidson, and K.M. Shea!
Mountain of Dragons and Sacrifice is book one in the Sacrificed Hearts multi-author series, a collection of stand-alone fantasy romances inspired by monsters of legend and packed with strong heroines, swoony heroes, and sacrificial themes.



Tara Grayce



Avery Caris