No Planet for Good Men | Podium Audio

Forgotten Fallout

No Planet for Good Men

Book 1

By: M.R. Forbes

Performed by: Jonathan Davis

Released: October 29, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 31 min

Earth. After the invasion.
The planet is in ruins. Humankind struggles to survive.
Hayden is a Sheriff in a world without law. A good man in a world gone bad. He knows the fallout of an alien attack when he sees it. He’s never seen anything like this before.
Isaac is a Marine in a world without order. A good man with troubles of his own. His mission was to protect the innocent, including his son. Instead, he’s the only survivor.
Two good men. Two frightening discoveries. Two paths to one inescapable truth:
The invasion may be over, but the real fight is just beginning.



M.R. Forbes

M.R. Forbes is the author of a growing number of science-fiction series including Rebellion, War Eternal, Chaos of the Covenant, Stars End, and the Forgotten Universe novels. Having spent his childhood trying to read every sci-fi novel he could find (and write his own too), play every sci-fi video game he could get his hands on, and see every sci-fi movie that made it into the theater, he has a true love of the genre across every medium. He works hard to bring that same energy to his own stories, with a continuing goal to entertain, delight, fascinate, and surprise. He maintains a true appreciation for his readers and is always happy to hear from them.



Jonathan Davis