(Not) the Boss of Me | Podium Audio

(Not) the Boss of Me

Book 1

By: Kenzie Reed

Performed by: Kathryn Lynhurst, Wayne Mitchell

Released: March 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 12 hr, 3 min

Considerate. Loves dogs. Walks old ladies across the street. Loves me no matter what I look like.

We all have a list of our dream man’s ideal qualities – even if it’s just in our head.

And okay, mine might be written in swirly script, laminated, and used as a bookmark for my favorite Jane Austen novel.

You know what’s not on my list? Arrogant. Impatient. Distractingly sexy. In other words, mega-successful department store magnate Blake Hudson is everything I’m not looking for.

Unfortunately, I may have ruined his life a little bit when I got creative on my first day as a personal shopper. And unless I want to see my new career go up in flames, I’m stuck with the world’s smuggest billionaire until I fix everything I’ve broken.

Find the hottest toy of the season for an overindulged niece? On it. Pose as his date at his company’s annual gala, to fool his obsessed ex – and let him fake-flirt with me all night long? Uh oh, this could be trouble.

Let Blake see me safely home – and then let him make me see stars? Wait, that wasn’t on my list….

Doesn’t matter. Moving on. I will not let Blake Handsome – I mean Blake Hudson – defeat me with his To-Do List of Impossibility, or his pillow-soft lips, or his secretly tender heart, or the swell of his biceps, or…oops. I seem to have forgotten where I was going with this, but if I can’t remember, I’m shopping for nothing but heartbreak.



Kenzie Reed

Kenzie Reed loves her kids, her dogs, watching rom coms, and reading screwball comedies - not necessarily in that order. She lives in New England and is in a committed relationship with coffee.



Kathryn Lynhurst