Ocean | Podium Audio

Damage Control


Book 5

By: Jo Raven

Performed by: Joe Arden

Released: December 26, 2017

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 16 min

I thought I was a normal kid once.
Do normal kids have to beg door to door for food? Not sure. It wasn’t always that bad, I guess – and then it was. Really f–king bad.
I tried to protect my younger brother from the fallout. Lied to him about how bad things were. But it wasn’t enough. And when the accident happened, he blamed me, like everyone else.
I’m guilty of many things. He’s right about that, at least. So damn guilty I’m sure everyone knows and will call me out on it. Except they don’t. Nobody does, except my brother.
Not even Kayla, sexy and sweet and coolest girl ever, who keeps buying me coffee and trying to read my future. But my future isn’t in the goddamn cards, or even in my hands. I don’t see a future. I deny fate, but fate has me pinned like a moth and won’t let me walk away. Won’t let me escape.
And yeah…you know you’re losing grip when the girl you want reads your palm, and you’re scared to hell of what she’ll see and of the pain you can tell is coming.
Warning: 18+ for sexual content, language, and violence.



Jo Raven



Joe Arden