Of Fairytales and Magic | Podium Audio

Of Goblin Kings

Of Fairytales and Magic

Book 5

By: Emma Hamm

Performed by: Billie Fulford-Brown

Released: February 08, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 31 min

The stunning conclusion of the Of Goblin Kings series.
To become a Queen, Freya has to give up everything.There’s only one way to become an immortal, and that is to take up the mantle of everything that she is not. To become fae. To lead a court. To become the Autumn Thief herself.  But Freya’s life isn’t that easy to change. She is thrust into a series of trials held by old gods who have seen a thousand years pass. She must impress them, or suffer the consequences.
With the Goblin King at her side, Freya must give up everything to become something wholly new: An Autumn Thief.  



Emma Hamm

USAToday Bestselling Author Emma Hamm grew up in a small town surrounded by trees and animals. She writes strong, confident, powerful women who aren't afraid to grow and make mistakes. Her books will always be a little bit feminist, and are geared towards empowering both men and women to be comfortable in their own skin.



Billie Fulford-Brown

Billie is a multi-award winning narrator based in London, who has narrated over 130 books. She won the 2020 One Voice Award for Best Audiobook Narration Fiction, and has many Earphone Awards. Her main genres are YA, Fantasy, and Romance. Billie lives with her husband and two daughters and records from her professional home studio.