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Unorthodox Farming

Oh, Great! I Discovered How to Cultivate a Farmer in 52 Easy Steps

Book 2

By: Benjamin Kerei

Performed by: Travis Baldree

Released: August 02, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 45 min

Ever wonder what happened to the Isekai’d gamer who found himself incarnated into the overweight body of a LitRPG farmer, only to spit in the face of destiny and earn more money and experience than anyone ever dreamed possible? Fairytales would have you believe he lived happily ever after, but life doesn’t always match up to fairytale endings.
Accidentally murdered by a cleric in another universe during a botched resurrection, Arnold, a semi-pro gamer turned clerical error, has now become a thorn in the vindictive Northern Regent’s side. To make matters worse, he has a giant stuck in his well, and the adventurers’ guilds are pounding on his door for the chance to kill it (which is more than a little annoying, as all Arnold wants to do is focus on taking his trap method wide while he builds a farm to give down-on-their-luck farmers like him a chance).
However, there is “one” little problem with his plan: changing the world isn’t easy, and Arnold needs an entire industry that doesn’t currently exist.
And resource management is hard.
And trying to find good employees is difficult.
And Blackwood doesn’t have the infrastructure to support all these people (even if he does).
And the regent is out for blood and trying to ruin him.
And no matter what he tries, the giant won’t die.
And for some reason, Ranic wants him to find a goal that gives his life meaning.
So let’s see how well his happily ever after really goes…



Benjamin Kerei

Coffee, Writing, Family & Friends, Reading, and Sleep: the five things my life revolve around. That's pretty much all you need to know about me.



Travis Baldree