Old Man Gamer | Podium Audio

Old Man Gamer

By: Sammyfantastic

Performed by: Nick Cracknell

Released: May 16, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 37 min

Sam hates his office job, but at least every night he can delve into Alterwhere and forget about stupid teamwork for a while.
The world’s hottest new cerebral reality game is a fully immersive mash-up of the retro fantasy RPGs he used to play on his dad’s steam account back in the early 2030s—the kind where you can eat a bowl of stew in the middle of a battle, fire crossbows underwater, and steal all the plates from an NPC’s kitchen as long as they’re looking away at the time.
As Sam sets out to solo champion monsters and drink mind-altering potions, he realizes the greedy devs are working hard to monetize their free-to-play model. On top of morally questionable microtransactions, he must also contend with a mob-thieving elf, the unexpected success of his alchemical experimentations, a mind-bending crossover of game life and reality, and—worst of all—if he’s not careful, he might even be in danger of making some real friends.
Old Man Gamer is a fresh and comedic LitRPG that pokes fun at tropes both new and old. A standalone story, it is primarily concerned with gaming, and contains some violence, a fair whack of drug and alcohol use, mild romantic interludes, and surprisingly little cursing (not sure how that happened).




Sammyfantastic begun his gaming career on a Macintosh Plus with a 40MB hard drive, enjoying such classics as Dark Castle and Lode Runner. Outside of LitRPG he writes under his (real) name, Sam Bowring, and has authored many books across different genres, as well as for TV, film, stage and on games such as Heroes Over Europe (Transmission Games) and the VR satire The American Dream (Samurai Punk). He’s been a stand-up comedian for over 25 years, and lives in Sydney, Australia.



Nick Cracknell

I hosted morning radio shows for over 25 years in NY, CT, RI, and Virginia, during which time I voiced comedy bits, interviewed celebrities, MC'd concerts, flew in a stunt plane, landed by helicopter on an aircraft carrier, and even joined a seance hoping to connect with Houdini! I brought my vocal skills to the equally exciting world of audiobook production in 2017, narrating such notable works as "Devolution" by John Casey (a book reviewed by the CIA!); "Conrad's Honor," by Alex Ryan; the 7 book "Linear Tactical Series" by Janie Crouch; the "Lunatic City" series by T. Allen Diaz; and many more. I possess a deep, rich baritone, ideally suited for the sarcastic detective, the clandestine spy, the romantic lover, the wandering cowboy, or the military commander.