Omandi's Daemon | Podium Audio

Paradigm 2045

Omandi’s Daemon

Book 3

By: Robert W. Ross

Performed by: Nick Podehl

Released: October 18, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 59 min

The thrilling conclusion of Robert W. Ross’ best selling Paradigm 2045 trilogy!
Bladerunner and a grievously wounded Charlotte Omandi have escaped from Drac’ath, while also having assured Earth’s survival, by gaining its admission into the Galactic Confederation.
Omandi and her crew regroup with their Phadex allies on the hidden refuge planet, Rulia. While there, a long awaited message is unlocked and delivered by Rulia’s lost founder, Talus. It sets off a string of unlikely events that brings Charlotte into a shadowy world of assassins. Meanwhile, Linnea Sorenson travels to the legendary planet Aluria, where strange magics are rumored to exist…magics that can only be unlocked by the young telepath.
Rejoin Charlotte and all your favorites as they seek new allies including the enigmatic Leas-ceyln Mott, an Eridani so feared, the Elevated would commit planetary genocide rather than allow her free reign.
Throughout it all, Omandi struggles to stay true to her ideals, even as the entire Galaxy seems bent on Humanity’s destruction. In the midst of such trials and tribulations, she must also contend with Thomas Rogers, the young half-human, half-Eridani, who has awoken something in Charlotte she never thought to find among the stars.
As the Paradigm 2045 saga hurtles toward its exciting conclusion, it becomes clear to everyone aboard the Bladerunner, that their ultimate success may rest with…Omandi’s Daemon.
Includes a special note from the author.



Robert W. Ross



Nick Podehl