Omega Found | Podium Audio

The Omega War

Omega Found

Book 1

By: Evelyn Flood

Released: April 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 19 min

The Omega War made every omega the property of the government. Now, my body doesn’t belong to me.
I need permission to eat, to sleep, to breathe. The only thing I have left is my heart, but when the winter pack save me from a dangerous situation, they might take that from me too.
For Harper, joining the winter pack is a risk, one she doesn’t have a choice in. Being owned by an alpha pack means following the omega creed, a set of laws to prevent omegas from having any influence.
For the winter pack, Harper is a complication they’re not sure they need. After all, omegas are notorious for manipulating alphas. That’s why they’re under the strict control of the Omega Compound. It’s for the good of society.
But as Harper settles in, it becomes clear that the government has been hiding the truth—about omegas, and about the mating bond they feel growing every day.
Omega Found contains references to assault, sexual abuse and suicide that may be disturbing for some listeners.



Evelyn Flood