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For Love and Rock

Our New Song

Book 4

By: Emily Childs

Performed by: C.J. Mission, Mia Madison

Released: February 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 39 min

Once upon a time, a claustrophobic schoolteacher collided with a broody rock star in a finicky elevator.
Vienna Shaw doesn’t do risky, edgy, or anything on the wild side. She’s the woman who thinks The Goonies is a horror movie and lives for Austen-era romance novels.
So, when a night out of her comfort zone ends up in a nightmarish elevator, all the risks she never took spill to the stranger in the corner: actually see The Goonies, ride a rollercoaster, and get that heart-melting kiss people will write books about.
She didn’t expect the smoldering guy with tattoos to step up and knock one of those things off her list.
They survive. Hearts melt. He leaves without giving his name.
Until a school assembly is hosted by the rock band from the concert, and Rees Hayden, the bassist who rarely cracks a smile, bears an uncanny resemblance to the man in the elevator.
Turns out, Vienna kissed a rock star. And he isn’t even close to done with her yet. When opposites attract will it be the perfect match? Or will the good girl and rocker bad boy end in the perfect disaster?



Emily Childs



C.J. Mission

CJ Mission is a wanderer at heart. With an insatiable appetite for the delectable, he loves traveling in search of satisfaction. As at home in the boardroom as on the boardwalk, CJ feels constantly torn between worlds; he currently lives in New York City (where he received his MFA in Acting), but left his heart in San Francisco (where he first discovered his worldliness). That said, straddling worlds is uniquely thrilling. CJ began narrating audiobooks in 2016 and while he mostly narrates on the side to support his other passions, he does so passionately and with a deep desire to leave you satisfied. Regardless of how long it’s been or whether it’s your first time, CJ is always ready and waiting to take you on an audio adventure. At your pleasure.



Mia Madison

Mia Madison was born in Canada, was raised up and down the Eastern seaboard, and now resides in sunny CA. She is coming up on her 100 title milestone, and has had the pleasure of co-narrating with some of the swooniest male narrators on the planet. Her degree in drama from NYU set her on a path of doing nation-wide theater, ranging from musicals to Molière. Cat AND dog lover... (don't tell her cats.) Tea rather than coffee. And no high heels outside of the bedroom. When she's not steaming up the recording studio, she's on the beach, with a book, in a big floppy hat.