Paranormal Real Estate | Podium Audio

Paranormal Real Estate

Book 1

By: Matthew Howry

Performed by: Scott Aiello

Released: March 29, 2022

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 47 min

The problems in Dirk Cooper’s life were ghosts, money and the Mob. The solution was real estate.

Join notable hobo Dirk Cooper as he lies, cheats and steals his way through life, desperate to recover the things he lost during the housing crash of 2008. When he is approached by a wealthy and powerful man with haunted houses to sell, Dirk thinks his troubles are over. Things are not as they seemed, however, and soon he is caught up in a web of dark magic and danger the likes of which he has never encountered before.



Matthew Howry



Scott Aiello

Scott Aiello is an actor and writer living in NYC. A veteran narrator of over 150 audiobooks, Scott has performed the works of such noted authors as John Steinbeck, Jonathan Franzen, and Robert R. McCammon. His TV credits include recurring character Tommy Barkow on Showtimes Billions, Blue Bloods (CBS), The Good Fight (CBS) and Law and Order SVU (NBC).