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Perfectly Perplexing Zombie

Book 4

By: MJ May

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 27 min

Blessed with eternal fire, Hellfire Rayburn is Fairy Queen Silvidia’s most trusted and feared warrior.
In a world living under fairy rule, Ray’s accustomed to serving his queen by upholding the law. Now, Queen Silvidia wants more.
Wendall Galen never expected to wake up reanimated as a zombie. Then again, he never expected to be murdered either. Wendall’s second life is far better than his past human life. Unfortunately, the diluted bit of fairy DNA he didn’t know existed interferes with his reanimation. With his body deteriorating, Wendall’s second life is destined to be a short one.
Queen Silvidia might have discovered Wendall’s living life too late, but she won’t let the last remaining descendant of her beloved, deceased brother perish. A fairy bond is needed to preserve Wendall, and Hellfire Rayburn still has his to give away. Wendall just needs to accept the eternal bond. Too bad he’s a zombie with a conscience.
Wendall won’t condemn Ray to an eternity bonded to someone Ray doesn’t care for, let alone love. He would rather perish than do that. Despite Wendall’s refusal, or perhaps because of it, Ray’s smitten with the human-turned-zombie and can’t imagine a life without him.
But Wendall’s deteriorating body isn’t the only threat. His murderer is still out there, and fearful Wendall will reveal his secret. Power breeds paranoia, and Wendall’s murderer is oozing with one and being taken over by the other. Having awakened one of the most dangerous and feared creatures alive, Wendall’s murderer is willing to wield that power no matter the cost.
Wendall’s good nature calls to Ray, but that same sacrificial nature threatens to steal him away. Hellfire Rayburn never dreamed a day could come when his eternal fire failed him, his queen, and his love.
Perfectly Perplexing Zombie contains a zombie that didn’t follow the rulebook for creation, a millennia-old fairy warrior, a human with delusions of grandeur, a powerful djinn that just wants to be left alone, a power-hungry alpha werewolf, witches, priestesses, warlocks, vampires, a faun, and good old fashioned interspecies teamwork. It is a slow-burn novel that focuses on finding and acknowledging love in unexpected places. It’s the fourth book in the Perfect Pixie series, but it may be enjoyed as a standalone.



MJ May

MJ May lives in the Midwest, in a town previously labeled one of the top ten most dismal cities in the United States. Writing, along with her garden, and pets, Newton and Fennik, are her sanity. MJ May hopes her stories offer readers and listeners a mental vacation from their day to day lives, and is grateful for the opportunity to share her stories.