Pierce the Heavens | Podium Audio

Demon Princess Magical Chaos

Pierce the Heavens

Book 8

By: J.J. Pavlov

Performed by: Katana Jones

Released: April 25, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 51 min

Chaos is on her throne. All’s right with the world.
The Dominion is reclaimed after a lengthy and costly battle, but the war for the fate of the world is far from over. Looming on the horizon are the few, yet overwhelming, obstacles to lasting peace. It is time to confront the remaining Old Humans and bring an end to their reign once and for all.
The final war takes Chaos and her comrades to their physical and mental limits and, ultimately, even across space. At the edge of reality, the hidden truth about Old Humanity and Chaos’s origins is finally revealed. With her lovers, siblings, and friends by her side, she will have to overcome the greatest test the universe can throw at her.
Pierce the Heavens is the final volume of the Demon Princess Magical Chaos saga. In the battle for everything dear to her, our lovable Cosmic Horror will be brought to the brink of sanity and beyond. At the end of ends, she will face her true destiny.



J.J. Pavlov

My lifelong passion has been to tell stories. I wrote my first fiction in my early teens, but ultimately wanted to be a film director. However, I learned that a director has far fewer freedoms in storytelling than a writer does. Thus, I returned to my roots and started writing again. Every time my heart wavers, I pledge to myself that I will never give up telling stories even through the hardest of times.



Katana Jones