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Pilgrim 4

Book 4

By: Harmon Cooper

Performed by: Mikael Naramore

Released: February 22, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 22 min

With new powers come vicious new foes.
Danzen Ravja is determined to rebuild Sunyata and will stop at nothing to accomplish this task. He doesn’t want his demon father’s throne, nor does he want anything to do with his former life as a ruthless assassin for the Diyu Brotherhood.
But his brother, Nomtoi, has other plans.
Jealous of the attention their father pays to Danzen, Nomtoi frees seven of the worst, most demonic beings in existence from the depths of Diyu to thwart Danzen’s quest.
It’s going to take everything Danzen and his companions have to stop the evils his brother has unleashed. Danzen will need to continue cultivating his echo, unlocking new potentials, and he’ll also need to make a decision that could ripple through his life in ways he can’t yet comprehend. Should he risk it all and team up with an old foe, someone cutthroat enough to help Danzen combat anything his brother will throw at him? Or should he play it safe and attempt to stop Nomtoi on his own?
Only time will tell.
Pilgrim is a best-selling progression fantasy/cultivation series inspired by the Witcher books, John Wick films, the Inuyasha anime, the Preacher comics, and the movie Yojimbo.



Harmon Cooper

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Harmon Cooper eventually moved to Asia, where he spent five years in Japan, India, and Mongolia. He is the author of Death's Mantle, as well as a number of GameLit, Harem, and Cultivation titles.



Mikael Naramore