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Pilgrim 7

Book 7

By: Harmon Cooper

Performed by: Mikael Naramore

Released: May 09, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 17 min

A former assassin. A world on the brink. The chance for redemption.
Danzen Ravja has always been a killer, but on the day he finds himself standing over the corpse of an old friend, he knows it is time for a change. Even if it takes everything he has, everything he is able to do, Danzen will rebuild heaven.
He has reached the highest level of cultivable power in the Kishu Kingdom, but as he soon knows, he has a long way to go if he truly wants to be strong enough to take on his demon father and his jealous brother.
Nova, the fallen angel, continues to encourage Danzen to collect the Fatebricks of Sunyata, the tools necessary to rebuild heaven. But others want to stop him, including a past instructor, an Evil that his brother has brought back from the grave, and a mysterious performer known for her bladed hand fans.
There are worse things than the Evils his brother has unleashed, and as Danzen progresses forward into an uncertain future, he must push himself to his very limit to triumph over the challenges that lay ahead. He must go beyond the power of his echo to save those he cares for.
And after he does that, he’ll need to pay a visit to hell itself to find the final three Fatebricks.
Pilgrim is a bestselling progression fantasy/cultivation series inspired by the Witcher books and games, John Wick films, the Inuyasha anime, the Preacher comics, and the movie Yojimbo.



Harmon Cooper

Harmon Cooper is a bestselling author of LitRPG and progression fantasy, including the Pilgrim, Cowboy Necromancer, and War Priest series. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he lived in Asia for five years before settling in New England.



Mikael Naramore