Plant-Forward Keto: Flexible Recipes + Meal Plans to Add Variety, Stay Healthy, and Eat the Rainbow | Podium Audio

Plant-Forward Keto: Flexible Recipes + Meal Plans to Add Variety, Stay Healthy, and Eat the Rainbow

By: Liz MacDowell

Performed by: Amanda Dolan

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 2 min

Whether you are keto, low-carb, carb liberal, vegan, or occasionally all of the above, Plant-Forward Keto brings an array of options and flexible meal plans to go beyond the diet and embrace your love of food!
A low-carb, ketogenic diet has been known for pushing plants to the side in favor of heavier meat consumption, but in her previous book, Vegan Keto, Liz MacDowell demonstrates that it’s entirely doable to be keto while avoiding animal products. Not everyone has the ability or the desire to maintain such a rigid diet, however. In this new book, _Plant-Forward Keto, _Liz shows you how to keep healthy plant foods at the center of your plate but allow a little meat on the side when you want to, while still reaping all the benefits of a keto diet.
Instead of prescribing rigid macronutrient ratios, Plant-Forward Keto aims to help you tailor a ketogenic way of eating to your unique needs and goals and make keto as sustainable and enjoyable as possible. The fun and delicious plant-based recipes in this book focus on using whole-food ingredients while allowing for mixing and matching of smaller amounts of animal protein, creating a completely customizable experience. 
Plant-Forward Keto is complete with:

  • Over 60 plant-based, gluten-free recipes with options for adding moderate amounts of animal protein that can be mixed and matched for more variety or to accommodate different eating styles
  • Flexible meal plans to cater to multi-diet families
  • Beyond keto—meal plans to allow for carb cycling as well as transitions from keto to “regular” low- or moderate-carb eating
     Whatever diet you follow, Plant-Forward Keto has everything you need to add variety, stay healthy, and eat the rainbow!



Liz MacDowell



Amanda Dolan