Playing to Win | Podium Audio

The Players

Playing to Win

Book 3

By: Monica Murphy

Performed by: Meg Sylvan, Rock Engle

Released: January 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Ready to fall for the ultimate player? Check out the latest sports romance by New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy…
Ace Townsend is the biggest player on campus. The sexy new quarterback on the football team. I should probably mention he’s also a complete flirt. The life of the party wherever he goes. Someone I should avoid at all costs.
It’s difficult, though, when I’m on the social media crew for the football team, and we’re out on the field during practice almost every day, filming them. On the sidelines at games. Hanging out with them at bars. The more I spend time with Ace, the more I’m drawn to him. The attraction is there, but it’s more than that. I actually like him. We have a connection, and he definitely feels it too.
The problem? I signed a contract when I started on the social media team with a "no dating athletes" clause. They’re strictly off-limits. If we get caught together? It’s cause for my immediate termination. I love my new job and don’t want to risk it, but I’m falling for Ace. Hard.
We’re all for sneaking around and keeping our growing relationship secret, but it’s starting to wear on us. Ace is determined to win me at all costs, though he doesn’t want to be the reason I lose my job, but…
Maybe the two of us being together is worth the risk.



Monica Murphy



Meg Sylvan

Meg Sylvan's extensive catalogue of romance audiobooks includes the best-selling Hades and Persephone series from Scarlett St. Clair and an Independent Audiobooks Award nomination for Romance. She specializes in narrating tentative young women discovering their inner desire and has recorded in nearly every subgenre of romance there is. Meg is from New York City, and she loves satin lingerie, a warm fireplace, and a classic Old-Fashioned.



Rock Engle

Rock Engle is a narrator of Romance/Erotica titles. Charming, sexy and gruff when necessary. With almost 100 titles to date, Rock is admired for his sultry tones while never being shy to demonstrate his sensitive side. He understands his physical skills, but isn’t afraid to let a willful partner take control. A versatile storyteller with accent proficiency.