Power Conspiracy | Podium Audio

Path of the Ranger

Power Conspiracy

Book 9

By: Pedro Urvi

Performed by: John Banks

Released: January 25, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 1 min

A conspiracy is in the making. Will the Snow Panthers be able to stop it and find the perpetrators?
Ingrid, Viggo, and Lasgol are off to a rescue mission. What is supposed to be a straightforward task soon gets derailed and the friends find themselves in more trouble than they ever wanted.
Nilsa and Gerd travel to the Rangers Camp to help Egil. They will have to embark in a new adventure to try to find the truth behind the dark events surrounding them.
The Panthers will discover a power conspiracy and will have to confront it. Will they rescue Astrid from the Turquoise Queen? Will the Panthers find out who is behind the conspiracy? Will they save the kingdom?
Find out while you follow fascinating adventures with a group of characters you will fall in love with.



Pedro Urvi



John Banks