Pretending I Love Lucy | Podium Audio

Apple Valley Love Stories

Pretending I Love Lucy

Book 3

By: Julie Christianson

Performed by: Rock Engle, Stephanie Rose

Released: November 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 20 min

The first rule of being a winner? Never lose your heart…
People think it’s easy being Felix Dodd III, and sure, the legacy and inheritance aren’t exactly terrible. But the name comes with so many strings; my hands feel permanently tied. Like I’m stuck following in my father’s footsteps. Like I can’t trust people’s intentions. Like my grandmother wants me settled down before my thirtieth birthday.
I’ve got less than zero interest in marriage, ever since my one attempt at love crashed and burned. But Grams won’t let me access my trust until I’m engaged. Which means I need a fiancée.
Someone who’s looking for quick cash and a quicker getaway.
Someone like Lucy Devlin.
She’s got less than zero interest in me. But if I can get her to play along — just long enough to fool my grandmother — Lucy will be a whole lot richer, Grams will be none the wiser, and I’ll stay heartbreak free.
Just as long as I remember the new rule: Don’t love Lucy for real.
This heartwarming, hilarious romantic comedy has all the sizzle and swoon, but no explicit content. The entire Apple Valley series can be read in any order.



Julie Christianson

Julie Christianson writes sweet romantic comedies—that is when she’s not reading them. A former English teacher and lapsed marathon runner, Julie lives in California with her one husband, two kids, and three dogs. She’s madly in love with all of them, but there’s not a lot of room on her couch.



Rock Engle

Rock Engle is a narrator of Romance/Erotica titles. Charming, sexy and gruff when necessary. With almost 100 titles to date, Rock is admired for his sultry tones while never being shy to demonstrate his sensitive side. He understands his physical skills, but isn’t afraid to let a willful partner take control. A versatile storyteller with accent proficiency.



Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose is an Earphones Award winner and Audie and RONE Award nominee. She has voiced over 200 romances including 'Forever My Girl' by Heidi McLaughlin (major motion picture was released in theaters in 2018), the 'American Queen Series' by Sierra Simone which has won multiple blogger awards; and several other books by many USA Today Bestselling Authors. You can follow her romance narrations on Instagram at @stephrosevoice