Pretty Little Tease | Podium Audio

Pretty Obsessions

Pretty Little Tease

Book 1

By: AJ Merlin

Performed by: Juniper Young

Released: November 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 10 min

It’s a harmless way for a college student to make extra money… until it isn’t.
I’m careful not to show my face, so why do I feel like I’m being watched when the camera turns off? No one should know who I am or be able to find me, but they do—and things quickly spiral out of control.
The two unhinged men who fill my cam chat with all the deplorable things they want to do to me are closer than I think. To them, I’m just a pretty little tease. Their obsession turns into something so much more than I bargained for. I should have run away when they found me because now it’s too late for me to be anything except theirs.
Pretty Little Tease is the first book of the Pretty Obsessions series. It includes MMF, MFM, MM, and mature content.



AJ Merlin

AJ Merlin would rather write epic love stories than live them. I mean, who wants to limit themselves to only falling in love once? She is obsessed with dark fantasy, true crime, and also dogs. From serial killers to voyeurs all the way down to the devil himself, AJ's specialty is in writing irredeemable heroes who somehow still manage to captivate their heroines (and her readers).



Juniper Young

From her home studio on the East Coast, Juniper Young has been active in the narration scene part-time for the past four years. Under a different name, Juniper has produced over 70 additional titles. In 2023, Juniper is hoping to expand her narration portfolio and enter the world of narration as a full-time narrator. Her sultry tones and alluring vocal melodies enchant audiobook listeners, making her a natural fit for Romance titles. In her free time, she likes traveling on solo adventures and spending nights out on the town. With a youthful quality to her voice, Juniper often narrates for characters in their late teens (18+) and 20s-though her vocal range proves suitable for characters of varying ages and genders. She loves HEAs, morally gray MMCs, and is a sucker for a bully romance. Juniper Young is a natural fit for romance and her confidence and wry personality shine through in every title she voices.