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Primeval Knowledge

Book 4

By: V.A. Lewis

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: August 09, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 22 hr, 40 min

A city destroyed. An old threat returns. What will Salvos do next?
After fleeing from the destruction of Vamont, Salvos splits from her companions to begin her quest for knowledge and power. She will study under both Fairykind and Humankind if necessary, to learn the Skills she needs to reunite with her first companion.
Meanwhile, Daniel shall have to face his past, while Edithe will continue her fight in the bloody company war between the Valiant Dreamers and Iron Champions.
Alone and without her companions, Salvos will have no choice but to adapt and overcome these new obstacles that bar her path to her goal.



V.A. Lewis



Tess Irondale