Prison Princess | Podium Audio

Harem Station

Prison Princess

Book 4

Released: April 28, 2020

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 52 min

Valor joined up with Tray after Beauty’s sacrifice because he knew Luck was destined to be with Princess Nyleena. There was no room in that relationship for a third wheel. But when he teamed up with Tray he had no idea that he’d be the third wheel in that partnership, too.
Tray has been keeping ALCOR’s secrets since the day he arrived on Harem Station. Not just one or two…. ALL of them. But he’s also been keeping one of his own.
His secret is a girl. Not a Cygnian girl. An Akeelian girl. A beautiful, mysterious, scheming secret girl that Tray has been in love with ever since she first turned up in his Pleasure Prison virtual reality asking him for help.
Except she’s not virtual.
She’s real.
She’s in danger.
And before Valor came along all he wanted to do was break her out of her prison and keep her for himself.
But now…he might have to learn to share.
Prison Princess is the fifth book in the Harem Station Series and features an erotic MMF ménage featuring double-endowed alien men, a girl who shouldn’t exist in a virtual Paradise, a love-struck sentient ship, two all-powerful AI’s willing to fight for her, and an entire book about LEARNING TO SHARE *wink-wink*. Book 5 in the Harem Station Series!
Includes a special bonus note from the author.