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Proxima Dreaming

Book 3

By: Brandon Q. Morris

Performed by: Edoardo Ballerini

Released: April 14, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 42 min

Alone and desperate, Eve sits in the control center of an alien structure.
She has lost the other members of the team sent to explore exoplanet Proxima Centauri b. By mistake she has triggered a disastrous process that threatens to obliterate the planet. Just as Eve fears her best option may be a quick death, a nearby alien life form awakens from a very long sleep. It has only one task: to find and neutralize the destructive intruder from a faraway place.



Brandon Q. Morris

Brandon Q. Morris is a physicist and space specialist. He has long been concerned with space issues, both professionally and privately and while he wanted to become an astronaut, he had to stay on Earth for a variety of reasons. He is particularly fascinated by the “what if” and through his books he aims to share compelling hard science fiction stories that could actually happen, and someday may happen.



Edoardo Ballerini