Queen of the Lost Boys | Podium Audio

The Neverland Chronicles

Queen of the Lost Boys

Book 3

By: T.S. Kinley

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 11 min

All she ever wanted was a happily ever after…
Fate has never been kind to Gwendolyn Mary Darling Carlisle. For a brief moment, she was given a taste of the fairytale… and it was divine—until darkness descended upon Neverland.
Now, the island is ripe for the taking. An evil usurper, cloaked in black wings, seeks the realm for himself. He is ripping the Lost Boys apart from within. Debts are coming due, and a dark stain is seeping into Gwen’s soul.
Every trial and tribulation pulls her further from the men she loves and the family she’s desperate to hold onto. The throne of Neverland is up for grabs. Can she find the strength within herself to defeat the darkness? Will she don the crown and become Queen of the Lost Boys?



T.S. Kinley

T. S. Kinley is a passion project created by two sisters with a shared obsession and vision. We came together with the dream of creating something beautiful, imaginative, and yes… SEXY.   Once upon a Time… it all began with sisterly gossip about erotica and romance novels. Our conversations quickly became fantasies about our own desires to author such work. We would muse how; some day in a utopian future, our fantasy would become reality. Ultimately we decided rather than wait for the future to find us, we would create utopia ourselves. Using our love of books, natural gift of creativity, and some savvy study on publishing itself, the concept for our very first book was born. We started off as a Cosmetologist and an RN, and quickly developed into a dynamic writing team with a style that lends a unique perspective to our books.