Rare | Podium Audio


By: Briar Prescott

Performed by: Iggy Toma

Released: April 20, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 14 min

One summer changes their lives forever…
Alex Ellison is well-educated, rich, and good-looking. Too bad the ingredients of success haven’t mixed too well for him, and instead of having the world at his feet, Alex has, once again, landed himself in a hot mess of trouble. 
The community service his father arranges for him in a wildlife center on the other side of the country comes as a bit of a nasty surprise, though. Being shipped off to middle-of-nowhere, Oregon, is not Alex’s idea of the perfect summer vacation. What Alex never expects is to meet Noah Price. He never expects to be noticed and understood. He never expects to feel valued and special. He never expects to fall in love. 
Everything is not what it seems, though, and love that feels invincible turns out to be anything but. But love finds a way, and when Alex and Noah unexpectedly cross paths years later, they will have to risk it all for the love they both deserve and so desperately need.



Briar Prescott

Briar Prescott is a work in progress. She swears too much, doesn't eat enough leafy greens and binge watches too much television. It's okay, though. One of these days she'll get a hang of that adulting thing. Probably. Maybe. She hopes. Briar writes contemporary MM romance with humor, heart and snarky characters.



Iggy Toma

**Iggy is an award winning narrator who has voiced over 150 titles. Some highlights include the popular Urban Fantasy series “Guild codex: Warped” by Annette Marie and and Rob Jacobsen, the steamy “Fake Boyfriend” series by Eden Finley, the hilarious erotic litRPG “Succubus” series by A.J. Markam, and a ton of titles by the brilliant Heidi Cullinan.**