Ravaged Innocence | Podium Audio

Innocent Brides

Ravaged Innocence

Book 3

By: Measha Stone

Released: April 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 27 min

He didn’t come for me just to make me scream his name. He came to make me his.
When Luka Romanov burst into the bar where I work to take care of some mafia business, I was still an innocent virgin. I woke up the next morning sore, spent, and feeling much less innocent.
He tracked me down to punish me for trying to run from him, but it wasn’t just his hard hand reddening my bare bottom that left me soaking wet and ready to be ruthlessly claimed. I was breathless and desperately in need the moment he pinned me to the wall and kissed me.
Then he carried me off to his penthouse to show me what it means to belong to a man like him.
Because he isn’t just going to ravage me. He’s going to keep me.
Ravaged Innocence is a standalone novel and the third book in the Innocent Brides series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes.



Measha Stone

Measha Stone is a USA Today bestselling romance author with a deep love for romantic stories, specifically those involving the darker side of romance, all the possessive dominant heroes, and their feisty heroines. If you love a well deserved happily ever after, you will enjoy her books.