Rebellion, Battle and Truce | Podium Audio

In Her Paranormal Majesty’s Secret Service

Rebellion, Battle and Truce

Book 2

By: Michael T Anderle

Performed by: Justine Eyre

Released: August 18, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 18 hr, 16 min

What’s scarier than fighting the Queen of the Paranormal Court? Negotiating peace.
Rogue has secured America with an agreement from the Queen and now the US opens its arms to her. Working with Baxter and the Spectral Plane, Rogue heads to Washington to make connections with the US Government, but is waylaid by a strange group called the Shadows.
Are they for her or against her?
Cultish and without regard for normal moral boundaries, new enemies blur the line between life and death and dabble in things they shouldn’t.
As the case grows bigger, Rogue realizes there’s more at stake than the specters. A renegade figurehead known as the Umbra is calling mortals to him for something larger than the US has tackled before. Will the Queen offer Rogue any assistance?
Now Jennie must learn to lead both mortals and specters to combat her enemies and bring them to justice.



Michael T Anderle



Justine Eyre

Classically trained actress Justine Eyre is an Audie Award-winning narrator with over 700 titles to her name. She has lived in far-flung corners of the world, from Canada to the Philippines, Germany, France and England- her international upbringing and multi-cultural family allow her to come by her accents authentically. Justine has appeared in a number of TV series such as Mad Men and Las Vegas, including a memorable turn on two episodes of Two and Half Men.