Reborn: Evolution 2 | Podium Audio

Warlock Chronicles

Reborn: Evolution 2

Book 2

By: Victor Alucard

Performed by: Travis Baldree

Released: June 29, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 10 min

Evolution didn’t happen out of nowhere. Now, someone has to come all this way, again.

A great con artist can cheat anyone, even death itself. But eventually even they would run out of tricks. And death? Well, death is patient.

It was a battle he couldn’t, win but one he had to fight lest he risked falling into the darkness again. But he had nothing to aid him this time around. No allies nor friends. No skills. Not even a body. But what he does have are his wits.

Will that be enough this time? Well, challenge accepted. Let the game begin!



Victor Alucard



Travis Baldree

Travis is an IAA and Audiofile Earphones Award-Winning narrator, who has loved the art of narration since he first heard Frank Muller's legendary work. He has a versatile voice, and a facility for character and accent. He specializes in speculative fiction, mystery, and comedy. His professional home studio includes a StudioBricks isolation booth and a Mojave MA-201 microphone, and is responsible for the fully-produced audio of many bestselling audiobooks. Travis is also a game developer whose various titles, including Torchlight, Fate & Rebel Galaxy, have sold millions of copies. He is co-owner and CEO of Double Damage Games. Don't miss Travis's captivating audio Q&A in his Narrator Spotlight feature here.