Recall | Podium Audio

GSG Vanhorn Series


Book 1

By: Toby Neighbors

Performed by: AJ Jones

Released: January 03, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 42 min

He didn’t ask for a fight…but he never walked away from one either. This time, his enemies have gone too far!
Staff Sergeant Eli Vanhorn, hero of Leonis B, has been called back to active duty. With advanced tech from the Alethian race, Humanity’s Galactic Fleet is planning a strike on the newly discovered Orrkasi home world. A platoon of experienced Terrestrial Advance Combat Marines is put together, and Vanhorn is called out of retirement to join them.
But like any mission, much of the intel is compartmentalized, with superiors slow to share what might be vital details on a dangerous operation deep behind enemy lines. Van must navigate the world of military politics, find his place in a new platoon, and survive a grueling mission on a world he knows nothing about.
Recall is the first book in the GSG Vanhorn series, a military-scifi  adventure from master storyteller Toby Neighbors starring one of his most popular characters, Staff Sergeant Eli Vanhorn.



Toby Neighbors



AJ Jones