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Recession Proof Graduate

By: Charlie Hoehn

Performed by: Ray Chase

Released: May 16, 2014

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 00 hr, 42 min

Recession-Proof Graduate is a wildly popular career guide that’s been downloaded over 150,000 times.
This audiobook is frequently shared among students, teachers, parents, counselors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It’s been integrated in the coursework at a number of universities, given away as a graduation gift, and translated to Italian.
I struggled to find meaningful work – or any work – after getting out of school. I graduated in 2008 – during the worst economy in 80 years – and spent my days spamming my resume to hundreds of companies I didn’t want to work for…and never heard back. It was exhausting. When I changed my strategy, I landed a handful of dream gigs, got to work with amazing people like Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi, and found myself turning down multiple paid job offers. Best of all, I was getting paid to work on projects that made me come alive. It was a far cry from the days of begging for soul-crushing work. People kept asking how I did it, so I wrote this free guide on how to use free work to land your dream job.



Charlie Hoehn



Ray Chase