Relic of the Gods | Podium Audio

The Echoes Saga

Relic of the Gods

Book 3

By: Philip C. Quaintrell

Performed by: Steven Brand

Released: October 30, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 57 min

300,000 Copies Sold Worldwide
The Echoes of Fate Have Been Heard. After a Thousand Years, the Prophecy Has Almost Come to Pass….
The final days of hope have come and gone. The kingdoms of Illian stand on the edge of ruin, threatened by the armies of Valanis. As evil spreads across the land, too few are left to hold the line. 
A world away, the children of fire and flame may be the only hope for the realm, but the dragons have been defeated before. Now Verda’s future hangs in the balance. 
Reeling from their losses, Asher and his companions journey north, trying to outrun the savage Darkakin. A confrontation awaits the ranger but, even with Paldora’s gem, he dare not challenge Valanis yet. 
The days of the Dragorn have come again, and with them, a relic of the gods has been brought into the light. The knowledge of Verda’s true history weighs on Gideon Thorn, and he would see the world rid of the evil that has cursed it from the shadows for so long. 
A great change is coming, and a new Age dawns on the horizon. Whether it be the light or the dark that finds victory, one soul will suffer the burden of destiny for all….
Relic of the Gods Continues This Unmissable Epic Fantasy Series.



Philip C. Quaintrell

Philip C Quaintrell is a thirty year-old self-proclaimed king of the geeks. He grew up in Manchester and studied nursing in Leicester. After giving six years to the NHS, he finally decided to relieve some of the pressure in his imagination and make it work for him. Into his seventh year of writing, he has just released his tenth book and has no plans to stop any time soon. You can follow him on Instagram: Facebook: Philip C. Quaintrell



Steven Brand